How It Works

Text "LOCAL" to 210-307-4493 to join. Once we launch we will send you text with special offers and opportunities you can't get anywhere else. What's the catch? All we ask is that you give us feedback on the offer and/or opportunity. Space is limited so share with your friends if you'd like, before we launch in:

days hours minutes seconds

What To Expect

When you receive a text from us, you'll be given an exclusive product offer and/or opportunity to attend an exclusive event. After your experience we will ask for your feedback. Benefits of joining SeekSA are:

  • Exclusive Offers

  • Free Swag

  • Exclusive/Early Access

  • Mystery Gifts


The Ultimate Benefit

To all those that make it in, SeekSA is a great way to experience new things within the city before it becomes the thing everyone is doing. We are looking for trendsetters and tastemakers to give feedback on what makes experiences great or not within the city. This makes the city great for everyone!

This exclusive membership is meant to be fun and shared with friends. All information shared with us via text is considered private and will not be shared with any outside parties. We also ask that all our members support local businesses not just with your words, but with your wallet. Thanks! Hope you'll join us. 😃